Monday, July 27, 2009

Treasure Trove of EV Information

Recently, I've been scoping out Jack Rickard's videos on his Porsche and Mini Cooper EV conversions. Here are the links:

  • YouTube Channel - There are two series - one on the Porsche which talks about the Porsche as well as Jack's reasons for putting together an EV. There is great information here about battery management as well as charging.
  • Web Page - Not a great looking site but it points to a bunch of resources.
In particular, I like how Jack's shoes matches the color of the mini:

There is some really good in-depth information on dealing with batter balancing and how to charage a large battery pack. Jack is using the Thunder Sky batteries that I've been looking at longingly for some time. This is the same company that provided the batteries for Kearon's Ford Capri conversion.

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