Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rolling Chassis!

It's back! I was so excited that I took the chassis for a spin around the cul-de-sac. As it turns out, my street is much more downhill then I ever suspected. Fortunately, the back brake (while not fully adjusted) operated enough to prevent another trip to the hospital.

While trying to figure out how to fill the forks with oil, I ran across this little gem from Walmart:

While it looks like something from a slasher flic, it's a "Flavor Injector." It has two stellar properties that I needed:
  • It was accurate enough to measure the amount of oil I need to inject
  • The needle part allowed me to inject the oil down in the fork itself instead of waiting for it to drain in slowly. I customized the syringe by cutting of the end, but otherwise it performed brilliantly.
Next up is finishing up the front brake. After I took the pic, I went ahead and mounted the front caliper and the brake lever. The pads and the master are in great shape, but some of the bits in-between might need some love. The bits are around 35 years old, so it's a wonder any of it works at all.


  1. Cool! And even better news that there were no "incidents" involved in the test run :-)

  2. I would have put it in gear, but it doesn't have any yet!

  3. Now that is how do get great fule millage.

    Fat Cat