Monday, July 27, 2009

Plasmaboy EV Racing

If you haven't heard of PlasmaBoy EV Racing, check them out. They built the White Zombie which has been blowing the doors of traditional ICE dragsters.

And here is some video... It's great seeing this little bitty car tear up the competition on the drag strip.

I'm always fascinated by the comments for EV's on YouTube. My favorite topic is "well, the power comes from Coal anyway so why bother"

"very cool, electric has possibilities, can definitely be fast, but incredibly boring on a visceral sense, at least to a spectator... the claim of not polluting is a joke, coal plants are THE number one sources of manmade greenhouse emissions, and the batteries themselves are highly polluting, mostly in disposing of them... but speed rules... if you're into sci-fi, and spaceships with futuristic power, electric seems the next stage... but i just wish it had some SOUND that was appealing, ya know?"
Fortunately, I'm starting to see more correct information being posted:
"When the well to wheel (total energy uses and conversions) emissions of a gasoline and electric car are compared, even if all of the power to run an electric car comes from coal fired power plants, it only produces one fifth of the pollution as a gas car. Considering the entire power grid and not just coal, electric cars produce, on average, only 3% of the pollution that gas cars do. Way to go Zombie!"
The more we can educate the masses, the more likely people will demand EV's. Good work PlasmaBoy! This is a great way to chip away at the "Golf Cart" performance stereotype/

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