Friday, December 19, 2008

Next up - the frame

The frame is in decent shape, but it needs some prep before I pain it. There are a few small rust spots. It also looks like someone might have sprayed this before.

In a perfect world, I would sandblast the entire frame and prime / paint bare metal. Well, I don't have a sandblaster handy. If I did have one, I would probably put together one like my grandfather did. It's pretty clever..

He took an old diesel tank and put a door on the end and a window in the front. How cool is that. Here's a pic I snapped with my phone while on a recent visit:

I did a lot of work in this shop as a kid. It's where I helped rebuild the truck my sister wrecked. It's also where I (with a lot of help from my grandfather) brought one of my favorite vehicles of all time, a 1985 Chevy S-10 Blazer that we found in a junkyard. It was my first 4WD ride and I still miss it.

I think that when I paint the frame, I'll try to set up a makeshift spray tent. I think that I can get away with some plastic sheets and a fan. Anything is better than getting overspray on everything.

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