Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting the frame cleaned up

Last night I got some work done on the swingarm. When I started, it was covered in years worth of chain lube and dirt. Just to get the swingarm cleaned took a few hours of scrubbing with degreaser. After the degreasing, I went to town with my wirebrush mounted in my drill. That worked pretty well for the swingarm, but didn't go nearly fast enough for the shock mounting brackets, so I broke out the grinder with sand disc attachment. I had to be very careful as that disc tore through the metal pretty quick.

Here is the swingarm prepped for pain in my state of the art painting facility:

And here it is after painting. Notice the use of my high volume, low pressure ventilation system (garage door opened). It's critical when using high end paints (such as Krylon) to have proper ventilation. You can also see one of the shock brackets hanging in the upper right hand corner of the picture.

Here is the paint that I'm using for the frame:

I don't know how well it will perform, but it went on easy enough. I highly recommend the purchase of this little guy (I got one at Walmart for between $2-$3). It makes spraying from a can sooo much easier than pressing that little tendonitus inducing button on the top of the can.

Next up is the main frame of the bike.

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